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products and services.

Without restrictions or barriers understand what users want, helping you build community, trust and loyalty with your products.


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Users don't have to create an account just to vote. No barriers to entry means more feedback.


You're in control. You can approve comments and feature requests to create a safe space for your users.


Make your VOTELY boards match your products so users know they can trust it's you.

Quick setup

Start collecting feedback in minutes. Got an Android or iOS app it's even easier, just add your app ID and go.

Reduce friction

Other tools require users create an account just to vote. This creates friction and stops many customers voting.

Don't lose all that valuable feedback from customers, use VOTELY.

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Get feedback for anything.

Create boards for all your products, apps, services or just for the office Christmas party.

Unlike other tools VOTELY doesn't have restrictions on the number of boards, users, custom statuses etc. We grow as your products grow, it's all included.

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Not sure if it works?

We "eat our own dog food", using VOTELY to improve VOTELY. Got ideas or suggesitons for us? Let us know or just vote on what you want to see next.

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We like to keep things simple. No tiers, no tables, no feature comparisons. Just one price for unlimited everything. Start a free trial and see if VOTELY is for you. When your trial ends there is one price for everything.

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